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Our process is simple

Our Process is Simple.

We want to make our site easy for both you and the companies that we work with. At the top of each page is a get free information button. We only collect your contact information and we never ask for details about your idea. We simply want to know where you are at with your idea and what service you are interested in. We  use the information we collect to connect you with a company who can help.

How is my idea protected?

We understand that confidentiality is the number one concern of our customers. Every company that we connect you with has a confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure agreement (NDA) at the very beginning of their service. We strongly advise you not to work with any company—even if you have a patent—if they do not provide you with a confidentiality agreement during your first conversation. Finally, don’t ever share any specific details about your idea with anyone until both parties sign a confidentiality agreement.

How is my idea protected?


Tell someone you have an idea and they will most likely respond, “You need to patent it!”

That is true, but your idea needs to be at a point where investing money into a patent makes sense. does not provide legal advice, we provide you a connection to a company who can explain to you your options.

If you have a patent and you want help with prototyping, manufacturing, distribution, or licensing, we can connect with a company to help you.

I have turned my idea into a product and I have inventory

If you ever watched Shark Tank, you saw that individuals and start-up companies all have a common challenge—sales! Are you in the same boat? When we connect you with a company, you can let them know that you have inventory of your invention, that it is ready for sale or is selling and they will help you with your next step.

I have turned my idea into a product and I have inventory

What are you waiting for?

The Free information form is the easiest way for us to point you in the right direction. Provide us your contact information and we will connect you with a company who can help you. That company will send you information about their services and you can decide if they are a fit for you.

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